Can a lost Samsung Smart TV be controlled with a universal remote?

How does the universal remote control turn on the Samsung Smart TV?

1. All TVs have their own buttons. You can use the buttons on the TV to operate, but it will be a bit inconvenient.

2. Check the remote control to see if the battery is a little bit, whether the battery and contact points are rusted; check if the button is dirty, you can open it and wipe it.

3. Normally, the crystal oscillator of the remote control is easily damaged, and it can be repaired after sales, which usually costs a few dollars.

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The tv remote is broken, and the tv can still be turned on:

When the TV is in standby mode after the original remote control is started, you can press the channel + button on the shell panel, and the TV will work. If it still cannot be turned on, first, the channel button is invalid and needs to be replaced with a new button; second, the TV is faulty and needs to be repaired.

The remote control is broken and can be repaired, mainly because the battery is low, the positive and negative electrodes of the battery are corroded and non-conductive, the internal parts of the remote control are weakly welded, the button contacts need to be cleaned or the crystal vibration needs to be replaced due to vibration. The key on the TV remote is the hot key, the “standby key”. The function of this button does not exist on the TV itself, but on the remote control. If you turn off the TV with the remote control first, turn off the power of the TV. At this time, I couldn’t find the remote control. TV won’t start.

If so, we have to buy another remote. All TVs can be used with keys on the machine, but it is not convenient.

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The remote control is generally due to poor contact between the internal circuit board and the conductive rubber of the button. Disassemble the remote control, clean the circuit board and conductive rubber with absolute alcohol, or wipe the circuit board with rubber. buy a new one

TV remote is universal

Home appliance stores have home appliances for sale.

And generally TVs have manual control buttons. If it is not too troublesome, the remote control is not necessary. Buying a TV should have a start button.

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