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Can we use samsung tv remote for another tv?

1. Check the battery level of the remote control, the battery level is displayed under 1 and 2.

2. Point the remote at the TV, press and hold the return button and the pause button on the remote for 3 seconds at the same time.

3. The search device will be displayed on the screen.

4. After searching for the smart remote, the TV starts to connect automatically.

5. After the pairing is successful, it will be displayed on the screen

remote for samsung

I don’t know if your Samsung is a universal remote. You can try

1. Turn on the TV, and the TV will prompt you which key on the remote control to pair with which key. If you learn the remote control of the TV from the remote control of the set-top box, press the setting button of the remote control of the set-top box for three seconds, and its light will light up, and press the same function key of the two remote controls at the same time. For example, when the key is turned on and the remote control light flashes, it means that the learning is successful. Press the SET button again to exit.

2. Re-calibrate the smart remote: If the smart remote does not work properly, press the number button for 3 seconds or longer to calibrate the touchpad. After calibration, the three LED indicators on the top of the smart remote flash once at the same time.

samsung tv remote

3. Mouse mode: point to the direction key operation and external mouse operation, by sliding the touchpad instead of the ordinary remote control. The way to return to the TV remote from mouse mode is to press the source button or the video button. If it is a source button, press the channel button after pressing the video option. If the remote only has a video button, then you can only press it.

4. Voice function: The smart remote control has a microphone function. The voice button of the smart remote can control the voice of the TV through the smart remote.

5. Control multiple devices: The smart remote control has a learning mode, which can control multiple devices such as Blu-ray DVDs and set-top boxes. Just set up the smart remote control, you can control external devices, change multiple devices, the inconvenient state of multiple remote controls, very convenient.

6. The above is how to use the Samsung TV remote control to use another TV. You can try it.

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