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tv bluetooth remote control

How to use mi led tv remote?

Take the Xiaomi Bluetooth voice remote control as an example. The buttons of the Xiaomi Bluetooth voice remote control include power button, voice button, keyboard button, confirmation button, home button, back button, menu button and the long voice plus and minus buttons at the bottom.

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china led tv remote

How to repair samsung led tv remote?

TV remotes run on batteries, so a faulty remote may be battery-related. First check the battery, then unplug the battery, then wipe the copper piece of the remote control power contact point, and reinstall it. If the battery has been used for a period of time, consider replacing it with a new one.

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plasma tv remote control

Do led lights interfere with tv remote control?

The TV remote control can only control the controls on the TV. In reality, theTV remote control provided by the manufacturer should not control other brands or models of TVs. But many users find that their TV remote control can also control their LED lights, will the LED light interfere with the TV remote control?

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