Do led lights interfere with tv remote control?

The TV remote control can only control the controls on the TV. In reality, theTV remote control provided by the manufacturer should not control other brands or models of TVs. But many users find that their TV remote control can also control their LED lights, will the LED light interfere with the TV remote control?

To be fair, it’s an uncanny combination because LED lights are lights. While your TV is an electrical device, it’s most likely a smart device that displays high-definition pictures. However, the fact that your TV remote works on LED lights is less of a mystery if you know the technology behind remote controls and LED lights.

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1. You see, the main technology used in TV remote control is infrared. So the TV remote control transmits IR light to your TV and receives it using its IR sensor. When you press any button on your TV remote, the signal is transmitted as a stream or beam of infrared pulses.

2. To transmit these infrared pulses, the TV remote needs a signal transmitter. The signal transmitter on the remote is usually on the tip of the remote and looks like a small light bulb. But this signal transmitter is a light-emitting diode, LED, built into the pointing end of the remote control. In fact, your TV remote usually uses the 940nm LED wavelength. Infrared TV remotes are manufactured using specific standards and protocols. Different manufacturers use different transmission protocols. This is why a remote from one TV brand won’t work on another. Manufacturers of low- and medium-quality LED lights do not pay attention to these agreements. They use the same protocol that IR TV remotes already use, which is why the remote can also control LED lights.

So if your TV and such LED lights are in close proximity, or if there is a reflective surface that redirects the signal from your remote, the LED light can block the IR signal from your TV’s remote and be manipulated by it.

It is a relatively common phenomenon that the infrared TV remote control between different electrical appliances can control each other in life. For example, when changing the TV channel, sometimes the temperature of the air conditioner will change, and the control of the fan will cause the TV channel to change and so on. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the codes of different TV remote controls overlap.

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Infrared TV remote control realizes communication through the carrier, and the carrier frequency commonly used in remote control is 38kHz. The remote control of commonly used electrical appliances in life uses this carrier frequency, and many coding chips of infrared remote control use common standards when coding, so there may be conflicts in the coding of a certain key between different remote controls, so This causes the problem of mutual interference between different infrared remote controls.

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3. So the TV remote control has the same function code program as your LED light. So the TV remote control can control your LED lights.

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