Do tv remotes use infared led?

At present, there are two ways of remote control of TV sets, namely infrared remote control and bluetooth remote control.

Status quo: At present, more than 95% of TV remote controls use traditional infrared remote controls, while Bluetooth remote controls account for a very small proportion.

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Infrared remote control: low power consumption, cheap price, straight-line remote control is required, infrared signals are received through the infrared receiver, the response is fast, and voice input is not supported. Using infrared as the transmission medium, the signal output by the internal encoding chip of the remote control is superimposed on the infrared and transmitted. When the infrared receiving port of the TV receives the infrared signal emitted by the remote controller, it converts the infrared signal into an electrical signal and sends it to the decoding circuit of the TV. After the decoding circuit outputs a control signal to a certain circuit.

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Bluetooth remote control: high power consumption, expensive, can be controlled by Bluetooth protocol, no need for direct-line remote control, difficult to develop, supports voice input. It can not only receive, but also transmit, so it can communicate with each other by installing Bluetooth electronic equipment. The Bluetooth remote control is transparent to its short-distance receiving system, so that the accessories can still transmit instructions without connecting wires, achieving a truly “wireless” world.

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