How to get hd channels back on TV remote control?

Click the signal source on the matching TV remote control, and a signal source list will appear on the TV interface. Select the HDM1 signal source in the signal source list, switch to the HDM1 signal source, and the TV can be tuned back to the TV channel. Smart TV, also known as Connected TV or Hybrid TV, is a TV or digital video conversion box (Set-upBox) that adds Internet and Web2.0 functions. Like a smartphone, it has a fully open platform and is equipped with an operating system. Users can install and uninstall programs provided by third-party service providers such as software and games. Through such programs, the functions of color TVs are continuously expanded. It is a general term for such a type of color TV that can surf the Internet through network cables and wireless networks. Smart TV can continue to bring users a rich and personalized experience that is different from using cable digital TV receivers (set-top boxes). At present, the most well-known smart TVs are Coocaa TV, Google TV, and Apple TV. It is based on Internet application technology, has an open operating system and chip, has an open application platform, can realize two-way human-computer interaction function, integrates multiple functions such as audio-visual, entertainment, data, etc., to meet the diverse and personalized needs of users TV products.

1. Turn on the cable TV channel.

Connect the cable TV power supply and the set-top box, turn on the cable set-top box, wait for the set-top box to turn on, and turn on the cable channel after loading.

tv remote control

2. Menu key.

Wait for the cable TV to turn on and load, find the remote control that matches the cable TV and set-top box, and find the menu key on the TV remote control operation button.

3. Adjust system settings.

You will see the menu options displayed on your cable TV, find the system answer setting in the lower right corner of the cable screen, and use the TV remote to adjust the yellow cue to the system setting.

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4. Channel recovery.

Press the confirmation key on the TV remote control to enter the system information interface, press the yellow prompt key on the system interface to enter the program search, press the automatic search option, wait for the TV search to complete and then press the exit key on the remote control, so that the previously deleted channels will be restored came back.

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