How to pair videocon d2h hd remote with tv?

Operation method:

1. Press the “Set” button for about 2 seconds, a red light will light up above the videocon d2h hd remote, and it will always be on.

2. Press one of the “On”, “Volume”, “Volume-” and “Video” buttons on the original TV. Note that the transmitting tube of the videocon d2h hd remote and the receiving tube of the digital TV should face each other at this time. If step three is performed correctly, the digital TV’s steady light will blink. Release the key, such as pressing the “Start” button.

videocon D2H tv remote

3. Click the corresponding “Power On”, “Volume”, “Volume-“, “Video” on the TV, and the flashing light will be on all the time.

remote for videocon d2h

4. Press the “Set” key, so that you can learn the key signal of the TV from the videocon d2h hd remote. The light will go off.

Note: For other volume keys, press the above four steps.

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