How to put batteries in samsung led tv remote?

Remote control for samsung tv is equipped with touch functionality. Its back cover snaps on completely with no screws. It has a gap the width of a fingernail in the lower left corner. You can open it with a hard cone and blade.

Be careful not to use Nailao, be careful to break yourself When the Samsung TV remote stops working or works abnormally, please try to replace the TV remote battery.

Read step by step

The operation method of replacing the battery of the Samsung TV remote in 2016 is as follows:

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1. Install the battery to make sure the positive and negative ends are correct.

(Note: Alkaline batteries are recommended for longer life.)

Kind tips:

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1. Strong light may affect the performance of the Samsung TV remote. So you should avoid using the remote near fluorescent or neon lights.

2. After replacing the batteries, the Samsung TV remote still stops working or works abnormally, please restart the paired TV.

2016 TV smart remote control pairing method.

4. The above is the product introduction. If your TV fails, in 2008, Samsung Smart TV added this smart remote, which greatly enhanced the remote control’s ability to control the TV. In addition to the smart remote, there is also an IR blaster that works with it. Through the IR blaster, the remote control and the TV can be connected with Bluetooth, so that the TV can be controlled from anywhere within the Bluetooth range.

Smart remote control features:

1. Few buttons, exquisite appearance;

Can be used as a microphone for TV voice function;

The smart TV touchpad can be used as a mouse in the browser;

4. Use Bluetooth to wirelessly control the TV from anywhere in the room, for reference only

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