How to repair samsung led tv remote?

samsung led tv remote Troubleshooting-Television Remote Troubleshooting Method

1. How to check the failure of Samsung led TV remote .

Check if the battery is normal.

samsung tv remote

Typically, TV remotes run on batteries, so a faulty remote may be battery-related. First check the battery, then unplug the battery, then wipe the copper piece of the remote control power contact point, and reinstall it. If the battery has been used for a period of time, consider replacing it with a new one.

2. Check whether the TV is aligned and whether it is blocked.

What should I do if the power supply is good but the remote control still does not work? At this time, it may be necessary to check whether there is any obstacle between the TV and the remote control, or whether to point the TV at the TV during operation. In general, bluetooth remotes are slightly better than infrared remotes due to the angular limitations of the latter.

Check for dust buildup inside the remote.

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In addition to the above three reasons, the sudden response of the remote control may be due to the excessive accumulation of dust inside, resulting in insensitivity. In this case, we might as well be a good user and help the remote control to perform a “full body cleaning”. Take it apart first, remove the dust with alcohol cotton balls and a hair dryer, and then use it normally!

Check the samsung led tv remote for dust accumulation.

Step 1: Open the remote control with a screwdriver;

led tv remote

Step 2: Then use a hair dryer (preferably cold air) to blow off the dust;

Step 3: Finally, wipe the remote control with an alcohol cotton ball or cotton swab until the whole body is clean.

Note: don’t push too hard or press, just swipe.

If the remote control still does not respond after the above operations, then there may be a real problem with your remote control. What should you do in this situation?

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