How to reset samsung led tv remote control?

Solution 1:

1. Check if there is any obstacle in the middle of the Samsung led TV remote control to the TV receiving position, and try when moving the Samsung led TV remote control to the TV.

2. Using the wireless function of wireless routers, mobile phones and other devices in the same room may interfere with the sending and receiving of infrared signals, and temporarily suspend the attempt to use the wireless function.

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3. Replace with new remote control batteries and try to operate again.

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4. Samsung led TV remote control reset operation: Take out the two batteries in the Samsung led TV remote control, press and hold the number keypad [0] key. After about 5 seconds, release your hand, install it into the battery, and test whether the Samsung led TV remote can work normally. Determine if the Samsung LED TV remote is faulty: Use the photo function of your camera or phone, face the top of the Samsung LED TV remote, and watch the screen continuously press the button that does not work on the Samsung LED TV remote. If you can see the light flashing, it means that the Samsung LED TV remote control is normal.

Solution 2:

1. The Samsung led TV remote control is about 3-5 meters away from the TV, and the TV must be operated remotely.

2. Check if there is anything blocking the receiving part of the Samsung led TV remote control.

3. Check whether the remote control battery is reversed, confirm whether the battery is charged or replace it with a new one.

4. Take out the battery of the remote control, press the 0 key on the numeric keypad for 3-5 seconds, then release your hand and put in the battery. Solution 3:1. Turn on the TV remote control, wipe the button contacts on the printed board of the TV remote control with an anhydrous alcohol cotton swab, and check whether the positive and negative terminals of the battery are in good contact.

5. If it is broken, replace the crystal oscillator inside.

6. Check whether the launch tube and crystal oscillator are welded.

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