How to set up a Sky HD remote to your TV?

How to connect HD remote control to TV

1 Start the TV first;

Then install the battery on the HD remote control and point it at the TV;

3 Press the Settings button on the HD remote control until the volume adjustment picture is displayed on the TV screen, and release the button to pair;

4After successful pairing, the HD remote control can control the TV;

5. Generally speaking, the pairing methods of different brands of universal remote controls are slightly different. It is recommended to refer to the operating manual of the remote control or the operating manual on the back of the remote control and set it up according to the instructions.

How to set up the combination of TV remote control function and set-top box remote control function:


1. Actual operation of the set-top box remote control: Press and hold the “Settings” button for about 3 seconds, the prompt light will turn on, press the “Power” button, the prompt light will start to flash, and you are ready to receive the TV remote control signal.

2. Practical operation of the TV remote control. Aim the infrared probe of the TV remote control at the transmitter of the set-top box remote control (the infrared probe is usually located at the front of the remote control and looks a bit like a small light bulb, but it will not light up), and press and hold the power button of the TV remote control. At this time, the reminder light on the set-top box remote control will flash again.

3. Operate the set-top box remote control again. Press and hold the “Set” button again to perform function learning settings. The reminder light goes out, indicating that the set-top box remote control has been converted to the TV remote control, and the set-top box remote control has learned the power function of the TV remote control.

Similarly, you can also follow the above steps to learn the three button functions of “Volume +” and “Volume -” in the TV remote control.

The above is the conversion method between digital TV set-top box and TV remote control. After setting up like this, our TV remote control can fully control the TV and set-top box without using it.

How to set up the TV HD remote control

First, find the corresponding three-digit code of the TV from the coding table, which means remote control.

Press and hold the [Set] button (about a few seconds) until the indicator light flashes, then release the [Set] button.

Enter the detected three-digit code. Each time a digit is entered, the indicator light flashes. Three-dimensional digital input, the indicator light goes out, and the setting is completed.

Note: If more than one set of codes is found, please select the first set of codes first. If your TV brand is not in this encoding table, try the first or third method. If it flashes more than two times in succession, it means that the input code is incorrect and the three-digit code needs to be re-entered.

Two manual settings

1. Turn on the power switch of the TV you want to control remotely

2. Aim the remote control at the TV, first press the “Settings” button, then the “Power” button, and then release the two buttons. At this time, the work indicator light should flash. If it is in other status, this step should be repeated until the work indicator light flashes.

3. Press and hold the volume “+” on the remote control and release. Notice if the volume on the TV is increasing. Repeat this until the volume on the TV stops increasing, then press and hold the Settings button.

At this time, the working indicator light goes out and the setting is completed.

How to use TV HD remote control

sky q remote

1. How to turn on the TV.

Press and hold the red button on the HD remote to turn on the Sleep TV. But some high-definition remote controls need to turn on the TV to control it, so the TV needs to be turned on through the switch on the TV.

2. How to change channels.

Before using the high-definition remote control to change channels, you must first activate the remote control. Generally, the high-definition remote control has buttons for all major brands of TVs. According to your TV brand, press and hold the corresponding number button for a long time until the red indicator light of the remote control flashes, indicating that the HD remote control has been activated and can be used normally.

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