How to use mi led tv remote?

Take the Xiaomi Bluetooth voice remote control as an example. The buttons of the Xiaomi Bluetooth voice remote control include power button, voice button, keyboard button, confirmation button, home button, back button, menu button and the long voice plus and minus buttons at the bottom.

tv bluetooth remote control

Xiaomi Bluetooth Voice Remote Control Instructions

1. Install two AAA batteries immediately when using the Bluetooth voice remote control for the first time.

Press the back cover of the battery, pull it down, put in two AAA batteries, and close the back cover tightly.

2. Pairing

According to the display on the TV screen, open Settings>Peripheral Bluetooth>Xiaomi Bluetooth Voice Remote>Add Xiaomi Bluetooth Voice Remote from the TV/box desktop. After the pairing is successful, the TV prompts that the pairing is successful.

Key Function:

Power button: short press to turn on/off the TV/box; long press the screen to select various states such as shutdown and restart.

Voice key: Press and hold the voice search function.

Home button: Short press to quickly return to the desktop, double-click to display the application that has been opened in the background.

Menu button: Display all functions in the current interface.

For example, in the homepage interface, enter the children’s mode, search page, and projection mode; related video conversions are displayed in the music interface; the list page displays more classification conditions, etc.

bluetooth tv remote

Back key: Go back to the previous level.

Keyboard keys: Control the focus to move forward, backward, left, and right. The left and right keys are the backward and fast forward functions in the music interface respectively.

OK key: confirm the selection of the current focus major, and also pause/play the current video in the video interface.

In addition to using a single button, the remote control also supports a combination of buttons.

Home button + menu button: Bluetooth remote control pairing

Double-click the home button: screen capture, screen recording,

Confirm key Press and hold the TV APP on the screen: top, delete APP

Press the keyboard button on the home page: quickly switch to mobile storage device, temperature, time, Mijia, settings.

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