How to use one remote for samsung tv and soundbar?

how to use one remote for samsung tv and soundbar?

How to connect remote control to Samsung TV?

The method of connecting the remote control to the Samsung TV is as follows:

1. Open the battery compartment of the universal remote control, remove the plastic cover between the battery and the battery compartment, and the universal remote control will flash when it is powered on.

2. Turn on the TV, point the universal remote control to the infrared receiving area of the TV, press and hold the setting button on the universal remote control until the indicator light of the universal remote control is always on.

3. The indicator light of the universal remote control flashes to indicate that the remote control has received a signal, then press and hold the corresponding power button on the universal remote control. The universal remote control will automatically learn the TV switch signal, and the other buttons are actually operated according to the above steps to complete the command learning of the TV remote control.

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4. It should be noted that the pairing setting methods of universal remote controls of different brands are slightly different. It is recommended to refer to the instruction manual of the remote control or the operation manual on the back of the remote control, and set it according to the instructions.

1. The TV remote control receiver must point to the smart remote. If an alarm icon pops up, please replace the battery to ensure the remote control works normally. The smart system remote must be pointed at the remote control sensor of the TV, and then press and hold the lock screen button to turn on the TV. Do it practically in the range of 30cm to 40cm.

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2. Press and hold the “Back” button and the “Play/Pause” button for 3 seconds or longer.

3. The screen display is searching for devices,

4. After looking for the smart remote control, the TV starts to connect automatically,

Programming a Soundbar with a TV Remote

Once the soundbar is programmed, its functions can be adjusted with the TV remote, like turning on/off at the same time

Turn off the TV and soundbar, or raise/lower the volume of the soundbar to mute/unmute it.

• This function must be used when the TV remote control is using IR (infrared) signals.

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• RF (radio frequency) remote control is not easy to work.

• If you want to actually operate the soundbar with a cable or satellite set-top box remote, use the original TV IR

(Infrared) Remote Control Program the soundbar and then use the set-top box remote to operate it.

• If the volume of the soundbar changes, the volume of the TV also changes, set the volume of the TV

At least, or strictly prohibited speaker output.

1 Turn off the TV.

2Turn off the sound bar.

3 Press and hold the LEARN button on the remote control of the bar speaker for more than 3 seconds to set the bar bar speaker to learn

learning mode.

When the sound bar enters learning mode, the indicator light on the front panel of the chassis will flash as follows.

• Steps four through seven require only the TV remote and the buttons on the front panel of the soundbar chassis. No need for a soundbar remote.

• If the sound bar has learned the function, the indicator light below will be lit.

Mute: BD/DVD, Volume (-): ANALOG, Volume (+): BLUETOOTH, Power: SURROUND

4 Teach the speaker to get the “mute” code from the TV remote.

4-1 according to the MUTE on the front panel of the sound bar chassis

Teach the bar speaker to get the TV remote “volume (–)” code.

With the visual remote pointing at the remote sensor, press the mute key two or three times for more than 1 second

– Point the TV remote at the remote sensor while holding down the volume (–) button for more than two or three times

5 dog bar speakers get the “Volume (+)” code from the TV remote.

5-1 according to VOLUME(+) on the front panel of the sound bar chassis.

5-2 Point the TV remote control to the remote control sensor while pressing and holding the volume (+) key two or more times.

To end learning mode, press and hold the LEARN key on the soundbar’s remote.

So far, the required settings have been completed. Now you can use the mute button, volume button or TV remote

The lock screen button actually operates the soundbar.

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• If any practical operation is not performed within 5 minutes, the learning mode will end automatically.

• Set the TV volume to the maximum. When using the TV remote to increase the volume of the sound bar, the TV volume may increase at the same time.

In this case, follow step 3 in “Connection” (p. 6) to change the TV settings.

• You can use it on the soundbar remote

(Power) button to end learning mode

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