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2.4G Smart Voice Remote Control

Air Mouse Remote, W1S Universal TV Remote Control, Voice Remote, 2.4G Wireless Remote, IR/RF Remote for Nvidia Shield/Android Tv Box/PC/Projector/HTPC/All-in-one PC

Product Specifications

Product Name: 2.4G Smart Voice Remote Control

Model: W1S

Color: Black

Dimensions: 216x41x14mm

Battery Type: AAA*2

Transmission and Control: 2.4G RF Wireless

Sensor: 6-axis Gyroscope

Transmission Distance: 10m

Weight: 63g

Material: ABS Shell + Silicone Buttons

2.4G Air Mouse, Infrared Learning, Google Voice, Wide Compatibility Applicable Range: TV, Android TV Box, HTPC, MINI PC, Projector, Android TV Stick, Personal Computer, Smart Projector, Laptop


2.4G Smart Voice Remote Control Product Image

fire cube remote
voice control tv
universal remote with voice control
smart tv with voice remote
roku tv voice remote

Features of the 2.4G Smart Voice Remote Control

【Ultra-Thin Body, Minimalist Design】: The shell of the W1S remote control is made up of specific ABS material that makes it thinner and lighter than most remotes on the market, more ergonomic and more comfortable to operate.The unique turntable design allows you to control the volume up or down, adding a sense of style to the remote control.

【Convenient to Use】Our remote control has two connection modes: Infra-red and 2.4G wireless which allow you control more devices. (2.4G meaning: wireless control , no need to aim at the screen, can operate the cursor in any direction, transmission distance can up to 10 meters/ 394 inch. )Built-in 6-axis Gyroscope,the air remote can sense the change of the direction and speed so you can move directly in the air to control it.

【Voice Input Function】 Press the vioce button and speak to the microphone to search for new movies, TV shows, or YouTube videos you want. Convenient and easy to use, especially for the elderly and children. Only support Google voice assistant on Android TV. (Note: The host needs to install Google Vioce Assistant before it can be used.)

【Widely Compatible】Support system Windows/Android/Mac OS/Linux, Applicable to Android TV Box/Mini PC/Smart TV/Projector/HTPC/All-in-one PC/TV. After pairing it with an old remote and finishing IR learning, most TV is suitable. (“ATTENTION” Not compatible with most LG/TCL/Roku/Sony/Samsung Smart TV.)


Pairing operation

Press the[ ≡]+[  ]for 1 second at thesame time, the indicator light flashes quicklyand release the key. Insert the USB receiver.the remote control is close to the receiver,and the indicator is off, indicating that thepairing is successful.

CPl adjustment

Mouse pointer movement speed adjustment

CPl is divided into four gears, and the defaultgear is the second gear). The greater thegear value, the faster the movement speed ofthe rats.

  • Increase the speed of the empty mouse:press and hold the [ k ]+[^], theindicator will flash for three times, and thenrelease it, CPl will increase by one gear onthe original basis.

  • The speed of the empty mouse slowsdown: press and hold the[ k]+[].the indicator light flashes for 3 times, andthen release it, and the CPl is reduced by1 gear on the original basis.

Infrared learning function

1) Press and hold the [ok] and [k ] on theremote control at the same time, theindicator light will light up slightly, and itwill light up 3 seconds later

2) Press the infrared function key (such aspower key) to be learned on the remotecontrol, and the indicator light will flashslowly;

3)Use the learned remote control transmittetube to aim at the remote controltransmitter tube to be learned at adistance of 1-5CM, start learning, pressthe corresponding learning button, and theindicator light will flash three times afterlearning successfully. Repeat 2-3 steps tolearn multiple keys in turn

4)Press the[ ] key to exit the learningmode and save the learning data

5) Press and hold the [ OK ]+[ ← ] key for 5seconds, and the LED flashes 3 times toclear the learning code value and restorethe factory settings

Matters needing attention:

If the remote control cannot be turned onyou need to learn the power button of theoriginal remote control separately

Voice function

This flying mouse voice function defaults toGoogle Voice. The host needs to installGoogle Voice Assistant before it can be used。

Company Profile

We are an experienced remote control manufacturer with complete testing equipment, strong technical force, and supply all kinds of remote control. We have been committed to the remote control industry for many years. We have passed the ISO9001:2015 quality system certification and the UKAS mark, covering most of the European and American markets, including Japan, South Korea, Middle East/South Asia and other countries. Our remote controls are mainly used for TVs, satellite TVs, and automobiles. Audio-visual systems, air conditioners, VCD/DVD/MP3 players, digital TV set-top boxes, stereos, projectors, fans, LED lights, small household appliances and other industries. We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.

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