Multifunctional smart remote

With the continuous development of electronic technology, there are more and more infrared remote control home appliances such as TVs, electric fans, air conditioners, and home theaters. Obviously, household appliances with infrared remote controls have added great convenience to our daily life, but more smart remote controls are easy to confuse, and they cannot be interchanged, which adds trouble to use. The storage and reproduction of the multifunctional smart remote will make up for this shortcoming. On this basis, we have designed a multifunctional intelligent remote control, which can remotely control various household appliances.

The intelligent remote control is based on the single-chip microcomputer design, and adopts AT24C series EEPROM devices with memory function. As long as you know the characteristic code value of the device, you can write it into the non-volatile storage space of the smart remote control, so that you can read the device code value, select different devices, and then complete the remote control function of the device. If the user wants to add the remote control function of the new device, he only needs to input the feature code value of the new device into the smart remote control.

The basic principle of this design scheme is: press the remote control key to judge whether it is a function key. If it is a function key, write the key into the EEPROM fixed unit of the plug-in; if it is not a function key, send it from the EEPROM 38KHz carrier shift on the plug-in. For the receiving part, receive data serially, and then compare the received data with the preset flag value of the device. If they are consistent, the receiving device is in the controlled state, and then the machine device will receive the lower four bits of the data, that is, the key value output display. Different display numbers represent different function controls; similarly, if the high four bits of the received data are consistent with the preset flags of other receiving devices, the other devices are in the controlled state. In this way, the functions of the multi-functional smart remote controller to remote control various machines and equipment are simulated and realized. This concept is only used to simulate and control two types of machines. In order to control more equipment, you can simply set the function keys according to the characteristic code value of the given equipment, so as to realize the remote control of more equipment.

This smart remote control integrates the remote control functions of various devices, has a simple structure and is easy to use, and is worthy of popularization and application.

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