The remote control button does not respond? Teach you little tricks to restore “sensitivity”!

      At present, many home appliances are controlled by remote control, which is convenient and quick, such as TV, air conditioner, electric fan and so on.
      Long-term use of the remote control may cause certain button failures, and some people will buy another one or take it to repair, so it will cost a lot of money! Today, I want to share a method to fix the remote at home.

      1. Dealing with a malfunctioning remote
        When the remote controller is abnormal, several keys always do not work, other keys are fine, and there is no response when pressing the faulty key. This is the aging of the conductive adhesive of the remote control.
        Teach you a little trick to perfectly solve the problem of remote control failure.
        1) Remove the remote control shell
        Take out the battery of the remote control, then take out the screws of the remote control, take out the shell of the remote control, leaving the shell, pcb board and conductive glue.
        2) Clean the remote control pcb board
        The cold air of the hair dryer removes the dust on the remote control motherboard, then blows off the plastic with two pcb boards, scrubs each pcb board, and improves the conductivity sensitivity.
        Next: Clean the remote control conductive glue
        Wipe the conductive glue of the remote control with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol to remove dust and smudges.
        Then dip your finger in 2B pencil flake graphite, or just use 2B to wipe the pencil on each key until all the frequently used keys are covered.
        3) Assemble back and restore like new
        Assemble the remote, install the batteries, and use it again. You will find that the keys of the remote control have been repaired and there is no abnormality. ~
        The simplest method is to use the alcohol cleaning function to increase the friction of the plastic, integrate the conductivity of graphite, and restore the vitality of the remote control!
      2. The signal transmission of the remote control is not good
        The problem that many people have is that the signal from the remote control cannot be received. If you sit a little far away, you can’t change the channel, you have to walk to the middle of the TV and stand up, don’t mention how anxious it is! Encountering commercials, I don’t even want to switch channels
        Teach you a little trick, use these gadgets at home, you can easily help you expand the receiving range of the remote control signal, no matter where you are, it is easy to change the platform! I believe that every home should have a reading glasses or magnifying glass.
        1) Remove the reading glasses lens
        Take out the lens of the reading glasses, find the place where the small red light of the set-top box signal transmission is flashing, highlight the lens of the reading glasses, and take out one on the set-top box. (Same is true if your home is a TV receiving signal)
        2) Fixed presbyopic glasses lens
        Align the core of the reading glasses with the small red light of the signal transmission, and then fix the reading glasses on the set-top box with adhesive tape. This is the principle of refraction of light by presbyopic glasses, so that light from all directions can be concentrated on the small red light of the set-top box, and better signal transmission!
        3): Regularly check and adjust the position of reading glasses
        At this point, the set-top box can receive signals from anywhere in the house. If not, adjust the position of the set-top box so that the small red light of the set-top box faces the center.
      3. The battery of the remote control is dead
        The remote control is out of battery, and I am anxious to death. Where can I keep batteries ready at home, and I have to go out and buy them. Especially the remote control of the air conditioner, if it fails, it will be exposed to the cold wind, which is very melancholy! Teach you a little trick, don’t worry if the remote control doesn’t have batteries!
        1) Roll the tinfoil into a battery shape
        2) Plug into the remote control
        Batteries don’t function equally, usually one battery is empty and the other is charged, so you just need to put the remaining battery and tin foil in the remote, and you can use the remaining points in the battery!
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