The remote control of the air conditioner has a display, but it cannot be turned on. What’s the matter?

Operation method:

1. Check whether the light is on or not.

If it is not on, check whether the power socket has electricity, and check the fuse of the air conditioner outdoor unit. If the light doesn’t start, check the remote battery for charge (if it does, crystal vibrations can destroy the internals). You can open the air conditioner indoor cover and press a switch to see if it can start.

If you can check the remote control and remote control receiving circuit. The simple and accurate method of measuring the quality of the remote control is to put the mobile phone on the camera, and press any button on the mobile phone camera on the remote control. It’s good to see a white flashing remote on the phone screen.

2. First check the power supply.

The power performance of the air conditioner is that when the power is just turned on, each air conditioner will make a very crisp “beep” sound, which is the sound of the air conditioner self-check, and the air deflector of the air conditioner indoor unit will automatically close. If the indoor unit of the air conditioner has a display screen, the display screen will display it. If you have these reactions, it depends on whether the air conditioner remote control has enough batteries or battery power.

The remote control display is normal, but the air conditioner still cannot be started. Don’t worry at this time. Next, each air conditioner has a manual switch. We can press it with a toothpick. If it starts, the remote control or the remote control receiver of the air conditioner indoor unit may be broken. If it still can’t be turned on, it should be that the air conditioner is broken.

3. Function lock protection.

Some brands or models have a child lock function. If you are in locked mode and cannot perform any operations, you can refer to the manual to release it.

4. The battery power is low.

The remote control distance is short or remote control is impossible. It is recommended to remove the battery when the air conditioner is not in use, and reinstall or replace it when in use. The power connection is not good or there is no electricity, the power cord socket is in poor contact, or the power cord diameter is thin or aging. The power supply voltage is low. Fixed frequency air conditioner starting voltage: V, voltage fluctuation range: -V, inverter air conditioner starting voltage: V, voltage fluctuation range: -V, it is recommended to install a voltage stabilizer at home.

—Is the air conditioner broken? Based on my 7 years of air conditioning experience, I will tell you how to solve these problems, which should save you from detours.

1. When you encounter an air conditioner fault code, you can go to [Air Conditioner Fault Code Network] to inquire about the brand and model of the air conditioner in detail. You can check the universal remote control code in the universal remote control area.

When the air conditioner breaks down, scientific procedures must be strictly followed to avoid unclear situations, unclear faults, blind actions and random disassembly when there are countless thoughts. The consequences tend to expand existing faults, increase operating costs, reduce the normal service life of the equipment, and cause the equipment to be scrapped in advance.


2.Among the most common failures of poor or no air conditioning cooling, I compiled a tongue twister for reference.

The air conditioner is not cooling well or not cooling

The most common problem of fluorine deficiency in air conditioners is the key

At the beginning, feel the outlet pipe by temperature and judge

If cold check the radiator fan inside the machine may be low

Clean or replace inner tube scales and dust

If the inner tube is not a cold tube, there may be a flat tube

The return air temperature is not cold, and then touch the intake air to judge

The air intake is cold and there is frost and fluoride, let’s try again

If the frost slowly disperses, it is fluorine deficiency.

The aging of the compressor is not difficult to see that the exhaust is insufficient.

It is also common to collect fluorine by

The high pressure scales must be dirty and will cool slowly