Why does my tv remote control my led lights?

If the transmitting and receiving frequencies of your TV remote control and the LED light are the same, and a certain code of the TV remote control is just the same as the code of the LED light, the TV remote control can turn off the LED light. , just change the coding system of one of the remote controls. If the remote control does not have a button to change the coding method, check whether the light and the receiving head of the TV are in the same direction. Try to change the position of the receiving head of a device. Avoid crosstalk.

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How to solve the serial code of TV remote control and LED light remote control?

1. Press and hold the “SET” setting button on the top of the set-top box for about 2 seconds, and release the “SET” setting button after the red light is on for a long time. At this time, the remote control is in the learning standby state;

2. Press the standby button of the remote control of the light, the indicator light of the set-top box remote control will flash, then press the standby button of the set-top box remote control, and then the indicator light will become solid again;

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3. After learning a key, you can choose other keys to learn (for example: change channel key), and so on;

4. After learning successfully, press the button to control the light with the remote control of the set-top box. The method of disconnecting the connection between the TV remote control and the LED light: the LED light you use must also be controlled by an infrared remote control. The coding requirements of the poor LED light controller are not high, and the infrared signal received from the TV remote control is decoded into its code. It can be controlled. My solution is to put a black tube on the receiver of the LED light, facing the opposite direction of the TV remote control, so as to prevent the light from being controlled by the TV remote control.

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